Tomato with basil mousse, crunchy vegetables, gazpacho jelly and Belotta chorizo

17 € *

White leeks with fine herbs, grilled and marinated yellowfin tuna, Sicilian capers

17 € *

Warm spinach ravioli with ricotta and veal sweetbreads with wild mushrooms, old bacon emulsion

21 €

Prawns marinated in Timut pepper, tarragon, grapefruit, celery millefeuille

24 € °

Delicacy with fresh duck foie gras, beetroot and liquorice

24 € °

Crab meat with fennel, fresh mango and Valencia black lemon

26 €


Shoulder of lamb from Pauillac confit with oriental flavors, sweet potato mousseline, zucchini compote and diced polenta

26 € *

Roasted filet of line hake, two olives and pimiento del piquillo condiments, Camargue red rice

26 € *

Grilled beef fillet, barbecue sauce, fried potato wedges with spices and heart of sucrine salad

34 €

Pan fried John Dory fillets, soy milk coconut lemongrass emulsion, white radish, rice noodles

33 € °

Barbezieux free-range poultry cooked in two ways, artichoke, chard and summer truffle

33 € °

Blue Lobster Stew, Bisque with Saffron Rondier, young vegetables and ravioli translucent

35 €


Selection of five cheeses

14 €

Red fruit delicacy, red wine syrup with spices and raspberry sorbet

11 € *

Citrus babas, poached peach and verbena whipped cream

11 € *

Panna cotta Earl Gray, French brioche toasted, roasted apricots with rosemary

14 € °

Chocolate sweetness extra bitter Guayaquil and pistachio

14 € °

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Meats of French and EU origins, Lists of allergens on request

VAT 10% on food and 20% on alcoholic drinks, service included