Warm tagliatelle salad with green asparagus sabayon and parmesan shavings

17 € *

Fresh half-cooked salmon with wild garlic, blinis, herbaceous condiment

17 € *

Warm gnocchi with mushrooms, nuggets of sweetbreads and morels

21 €

Grilled and marinated albacore tuna cubes, satureja and lemon thyme, pea salad

24 € °

Quail fillets in artichoke salad, mousse and rhubarb pickles

24 € °

Warm langoustines with Chuli pepper, citrus fruits, green mango and celery

26 €


Dodine of Landes guinea fowl, panisses, carrots and peas

26 € *

Grilled sea bream fillet, celery condiment, quinoa and fresh salad

26 € *

Cassolette of marinated squid strips, cauliflower curry, Dubarry velouté

28 €

John Dory fillets with white asparagus, grapefruit, asparagus ravioli and Rondier saffron sabayon

33 € °

Limousin beef medallions, brown sauce, marrow butter, poivrade artichoke, potato croquettes

33 € °

Roasted veal chop with rosemary jus, pleurotus eryngii and garden chard gratin

35 €


Selection of five cheeses

14 €

Citrus rum babas, lemon thyme cream and mojito mousse

11 € *

Mint chocolate sweetness, chocolate crumble

11 € *

Gariguette strawberry delicacy, coconut dome, coconut milk emulsion

14 € °

Exotic crispy warm ravioli and cappuccino ganache

14 € °

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Home made food

Meats of French and EU origins, Lists of allergens on request

VAT 10% on food and 20% on alcoholic drinks, service included