Snacked swordfish marinated in piquillo peppers, piperade and olive focaccia

18 € *

Freshness of grilled vegetables, zucchini cream with basil, goat cheese mousse

18 € *

Warm squid with shellfish, arancini, paella condiment

22 €

Semi-cooked beef shavings with oriental spices, tomato chutney, caramelized onions with raisins

24 € °

Prawns marinated in ginger, garlic and parsley, salad of crunchy green vegetables

24 € °

Warm parmesan polenta, variation of eggplant, mozzarella and dried pork tenderloin

25 €


Roasted duckling fillet, red berry sauce, beets, avocado and straw potatoes

27 € *

Back of line-caught hake, lemon balm and lemongrass broth, spaghetti with herbs and young vegetables

27 € *

Grilled beef tenderloin, barbecue sauce, dauphine potatoes with cantal and grilled tomato

35 €

Line-caught meager medallion, garden sorrel emulsion, spinach gnocchi

34 € °

Roasted veal fillet, summer truffle jus, beans, mushrooms, potato mousse

34 € °

Spicy blue lobster, zucchini ravioli, carrots and candied lemon

36 €


Selection of five cheeses

14 €

Roasted apricots with rosemary, rice pudding whipped cream

12 € *

Rolled biscuit, pistachio strawberry, pistachio cream and fresh strawberries

12 € *

Ginger chocolate iced macaroons and raspberry

14 € °

Lemon delicacy and candied fennel

14 € °

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Home made food

Meats of French and EU origins, Lists of allergens on request

VAT 10% on food and 20% on alcoholic drinks, service included