Warm soft-boiled egg, smoked wheat risotto with oat milk, parsley coulis

17 € *

Cod confit, white bean salad and lemongrass coconut mousseline

17 € *

Veal sweetbread cannelloni with Jerusalem artichokes and hazelnuts, sage brown sauce

21 €

Lukewarm scallops, buttered Chinese cabbage, Mussels, seashells emulsion and smoked bacon

24 € °

Medallion of fresh duck foie gras with Calvados, candied apple with cinnamon, cake with garden nuts and pickled grapes

24 € °

Lukewarm langoustine tails marinated with Kampot pepper, citrus salad

26 €


Braised veal chuck stuffed with mushrooms, split pea puree, golden endive

26 € *

Roast monkfish, garden Swiss chard agnolotti, leeks, Kerala curry emulsion

26 € *

Grilled beef fillet, bearnaise sauce, fried potato wedges with spices and heart of salad

34 €

Pan fried Sea bass fillet, pearl barley risotto and garden celery, Matcha tea emulsion

33 € °

Roasted pigeon breasts from Mme Le Guen and candied thighs, crispy offal, cranberry jus, pumpkin mousseline, root vegetables

33 € °

Blue Lobster Stew, Bisque with Saffron Rondier, young vegetables and ravioli translucent

35 €


Selection of five cheeses

14 €

Iced coffee tiramisu, poached pear with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

11 € *

Saint-Honoré unstructured with chestnuts, orange marmalade and rum whipped cream

11 € *

Guayaquil extra bitter chocolate crunch, prune cream and compote of dried fruits

14 € °

Coconut lemon delicacy, coconut shortbread and fresh mango

14 € °

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Home made food

Meats of French and EU origins, Lists of allergens on request

VAT 10% on food and 20% on alcoholic drinks, service included